We meet at 11 AM every Sunday. We try and make this time together meaningful and relevant to professionals who may like to explore Jesus and enriching for followers of Jesus.

Join our GAP Groups. We come into Gospel Application Groups to love Jesus more, so that we can go back out and love the city more

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Zara Davina Mann

“I fell in love with Mumbai the moment I moved into the city. I made some great friends. But sadly, a few months later, I had a fall out with a few of my closest friends.

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Bryan Ernest

Bryan Ernest

“I quit my job two months ago to pursue music full time. I was brave enough to take that call, but I fight a million doubts every single day. read more…

Roshni Mathew

Roshni Mathew

As a human rights lawyer, I always wanted bad guys to be punished. I believe in justice and my blood boils when bad guys get away. read more…