When I first walked into New City Church over 2 years back, I was pleasantly surprised and slightly intimidated by the confident, beautiful and talented women I met.

But as the months passed, I started learning their stories over long Sunday lunches, cab rides, WhatsApp chats and sharing through our Community Bible Reading initiative. Many of these articulate, driven, committed women used to be just like me; broken, lost and insecure. But through the community of women at New City, I have learnt that when the broken meet Jesus, He makes them beautiful. At the foot of the cross, His broken body and the love shown there transforms them. He gives them purpose, confidence and the energy to actively pursue His kingdom in their own unique ways: whether as a human rights lawyer, a social worker, fashion designer, make up artist, musician, photographer, as a dancer/teacher, as a PR executive or as a brownie maker. Today, this community of broken and beautiful women is my haven of encouragement, support and blessing.